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How to Make the Most of October

The change of seasons welcomes resurgence of new life and change. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” Each season has its own unique sentiments. Fall is that time of year that brings excitement for the little things as the air gets chillier and the nights become longer.

There’s something about cozy evenings at home with a bottle of wine, starting your day off with a pumpkin spiced latte and smelling the sweet scent of your favorite apple cinnamon candle that gets people excited about summer ending and fall taking its place. (I know. I sound so basic right now, but I love the fall so much!)

Some of the more typical nights that we look forward to are the most simple, but because it's a "new" season again, those activities feel more festive. Here are a few ideas to make the most of this magical season:

Star Gazing Picnic Party

A night filled with blankets, wine, good food, friends, and the stars is a great way to celebrate fall's return.

In your backyard, open spaces, or a park, grab some friends and plan an intimate night under the sky’s prettiest lights to eat, drink, and be cozy.

Pumpkin Carving, Apple Picking, and DIY Crafts

This is the most basic of autumn festivities, but going to a farm to choose your perfect selection of pumpkins and apples is always nostalgic and fun. 

Fall offers the opportunity to feel like children again; to get our hands dirty, play with crafts, and experiment in the kitchen.

Scary Movie Marathons

I love staying in on Friday nights with friends to watch scary classic films. The popcorn's popped, pumpkin beer is served and blankets are spread across the couch. 

It’s only until I'm alone after everyone's left that I regret binge watching the most horror filled scenes in the history of Halloween movies.

As much as our classic fall rituals will never get old, here are a few new ideas to try this season.

Wine, Cooking & Baking Nights

Every September or October, my sister and I have a girls night with some friends to cook festive autumn dishes, bake fall themed cookies, drink delicious bottles of red wine, and watch the movie Practical Magic.

We call it our “fall party” and as dorky as that title is, every year that October rolls back around, we look forward to hosting this annual tradition that's become a warm memory on crisp fall nights.

Autumn Themed Dinner Party

I always love looking for creative new ideas when hosting a party or having friends and family over for dinner. Whether it’s presenting unique table settings, festive home décor or fresh menu items, I really enjoy making the night a memorable experience for everyone.

Stop by your nearest farmers market or grocery store to pick vegetables in season for your dish of choice. Once you've found something that you like and is within your budget, try your best at creating your own version of it at home.

Releasing the Old & Welcoming the New With a Bonfire

We all love making s'mores, sitting around a bonfire and telling ghost stories. Here’s a twist on this classic tradition:

Instead of telling ghost stories around the bonfire, why not get wishing paper and write down all that you want to experience during this new season? As each season draws to a close and another one begins, we too close chapters of our lives to open new ones.

All you'll need is a few sheets of paper or (flying wishing paper) to write down what you want to bring into your life this fall. After you’ve shared your desires among friends, (or kept it to yourself) each person will light their piece of paper and watch as it rises into the sky.

Another ritual to experiment with is to write down things that you want to let go of that aren't serving you anymore. After you write them down, throw your pieces of paper into the bonfire and trust that you're releasing the old to make way for the new.

When summer's in the past and colder weather arrives, we retreat indoors and turn inwards to reflect on all of our growth throughout the year. What better time to release the old and set positive intentions for ourselves then at the start of autumn and before a new year has begun?

I hope you enjoy these fall ideas! Let me know if you try any of them!


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