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I Wish I Could Forget How You Forgot Me

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I was daydreaming about him this morning,

and then you arrived.

Like clockwork,

you stepped in

just when I forgot about you.

You were sitting in front of me

at my kitchen table,

watching me drink coffee

and wish for a life

that didn't include you.

Your eyes, waiting for mine

to meet them.

I couldn't lift my gaze off the floor.

I didn't want to see you,

lonely and helpless,

hoping for a reprieve -

another escape into a world

that only exists in our imagination.

Don't you know by now?

I contain the same desires that you do.

Can't you tell that I remember us, too?

I remember the nights of laughter

until 3am,

laying alongside one another,

staring at the ceiling with

bellies full of amusement,

eyes brimmed with tears,

and hearts drunk on love.

I remember your hands around my waist,

your lips on my back,

and the deep surrender into the kind of sweetness

morning love can bring

when there's nowhere to go,

no place to be,

but only to remain hidden under the sheets.

I remember us.

I remember what we felt like

before our story

fell apart.

Before I was no longer

the object of your affection,

but a forgotten relic

sitting on a shelf.

You were the first home I'd ever

found in a man.

You were my home.

Now, as I move forward

without you,

I can't escape your ghost,

waiting and watching,

hoping and pining,

for me to give us another chance.

One thing I'll never forget:

When I was desperately trying

to be home for you,

where did you go

when I needed refuge?

Where were you

when I sought relief?

You see, my love,

I will always remember us.

I will always love you.

But what you remember

is only a fraction of what we had.

The other parts are forgotten

in the memories that I possess

when you forgot me.


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