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Life is Energy Dancing with Energy

I've given up the resistance. I'm giving up my fight. I will no longer try to control things. I will no longer feel rushed to be at the next step of my journey. I am letting go. I am relinquishing the need to be the captain of my ship, the pilot of my skies, the focus of my lens.

I want to stand behind for now. I want to be in the background of my own life. I need time, I need space, I need quiet. I ask that instead of forcing things to occur around me, that life will move through me.

I am the vessel. I am the container. Although I cannot be contained.

I am everything and nothing. Nothing and everything.

Can't you see that you, too, were meant to be moved through, created with, and risen up with the One? The love that you were born of, made of and continue to grow from?

Remember, sweet one, that life is simply energy dancing with energy.

Become quiet.

Become still.

Remember who you are.

Why you came here.

This moment is a gift.

This moment is all there is.

Let it move through you, with you.

For you are all there ever was.

All there ever is.

All there ever will be.


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