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A Mini Review of the Lessons I Learned in 2019

As 2019 soon draws to a close, here's a mini review of some of the lessons I've learned through this year's triumphs, downfalls, inspirations, and hardships:

1. I'm a lot stronger than I make myself out to be. In the face of adversity and sudden change, I proved to myself that I can handle more than I thought I could. Consequently, I now set a higher standard for my pain and growth tolerance. I believe in myself to endure sorrow, to grow through any form of discomfort and to trust in myself when difficulty arrives.

2. Procrastination and laziness are both a choice and a luxury. I used to say that procrastination offers you the ability to live more in the moment (thanks to Ellen Degeneres' brilliant standup) but after accomplishing more of my goals this year than any year prior, I now see that all those previous years were mainly consumed with putting things off for a later date. Don't wait for a future date for your time to come. The moment for your dreams is now.

3. When you show up for yourself and what you truly want, every single day, your dreams show up for you, in both big and small ways. Dreams are creative, inventive and magical and just as much as you are searching for them, they're looking for you. Show up for yourself in some way or another, every single day, and I promise you, you'll begin to see your dreams take form and your true self come to life.

4. Meditating, journaling, exercising, laughing, deep conversations, seeing the good in others (even when it's the hardest thing to do), practicing self-love, sharing your gifts with others, facing your fears, letting yourself fall in love with new things and people, allowing yourself to be goofy and childlike, and basically doing anything else that feels good for you should be something you practice every single day.

5. Every day is a reflection and representation of YOUR life. Your life doesn't just exist on the weekends and during vacations, it's happening right now. The way you choose to live your life is an art in and of itself. Start living with heightened levels of intention, positive reflection, seeking out love, cultivating gratitude, and living the life you were meant to be living. Remember that this moment, right now, is just as important as any other one. You get to choose how you see this world, yourself and the magnificence of your life.


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