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NEW Virtual Writing Workshop on December 17th!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The first time I experienced the healing powers of writing was when I was thirteen years old. I had just got my heart broken, (you can read that story here), and I didn't know how to handle the pain that comes with someone dumping you.

I woke up nervous, anxious and nauseous - terrified of seeing my ex in the hallways of our school. I fell asleep looking at polaroids of our summer adventures together and carefully dissecting every item in the memory box I created for us.

There was the Big Fish movie ticket from our first movie together, receipts of our late night diner trips, the pop up birthday card he gave me in June, (did the "Love" in "Love, Mike" mean love love?) and the crumpled notes we passed to each other in class. I'd sit in bed and begin the ritual of slowly unraveling each item as though they were clues to help me understand our breakup, and I'd listen to "Somewhere in Between" by Lifehouse, while letting the tears fall. (I actually just looked up this song for the first time in over ten years and am laughing at how vivid this memory is. I had this song on repeat on my boombox for hours).

When the ritual no longer offered a sense of comforting nostalgia, I began writing about my thoughts and emotions in my journals. I had filled three journals front to back of sad love poems, first memories of heartache, how I wished things would return to the way they were before, and questions directed to God about the truth of my self-worth. Sometimes there was the occasional dramatic plea: Why, God, why?!?

Although I was so young, this daily practice of writing about my feelings and making sense of the nonsensical stuck with me to this day. It's changed and morphed into alternative styles of writing throughout the years, but the same practice still remains - open the notebook, ask the questions, breathe, don't think, and let it flow.

Writing is my unpaid therapist and source of insight when I can't understand life and why things happen the way they do sometimes. Writing is the gateway to my soul, intuition, higher self, the Universe, and God - whatever you'd like to call it.

We all have an inner well of wisdom that's forever present within us. We have access to divine truth if we can become quiet, still, and wait for the answers we're seeking. We are all capable of healing our own lives, without always looking outside of ourselves for other people to validate what we know to be true in our hearts.

The writing workshop that I'm hosting on Thursday, December 17th from 6pm-8:30pm EST on Zoom will teach you the tools that I've used time and time again to heal anxiety, worry and fear, and cultivate an honest, positive perspective on life.

This workshop includes two guided meditations that come with beautiful corresponding worksheets and journal prompts that you'll have access to for life. These meditations will be sources of comfort and wisdom that you can return to when you need to tap into your own inner knowing, strength and resilience.

(Click here to check out my free meditations on Insight Timer).

They'll be your channel to intuition and truth, and will help you cultivate confidence in guiding yourself through life in ways that feel better and healthier for you. You'll be your own guru, teacher and source of hope.

What You'll Receive:

-Two 15 minute guided meditations sent to you as MP3's that you'll have access to for life!

-Beautiful reflective writing worksheets + journal prompts for both meditations

-Two hour writing workshop

-Half hour Q&A after the workshop

The original price for this event is $60, but I'm offering a $20 discount for my email subscribers. To register for this workshop for only $40, click the link below to reserve your space! I'm extending this deal until Sunday, December 6th, so grab your seat now!

These workshops have limited availability and sell out quickly! If you have any questions or would like more information about the event, please reply to this email and I'd be happy to discuss it further with you!

Writing for my blog and building Struck Inside Out's community is my life's greatest joy. I can't wait to get to know you better in this space and teach you some of the tools that have helped me lead a happier, more fulfilling and inspired life.

Sending you love always,



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