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Shine the Light You Were Born to Emit

Do you ever stop to take a moment and reflect on your growth?

I have to make a conscious effort to do this or I tend to get caught up with what’s next for me. I say to myself, “Okay, you accomplished this. Now what?”

But, if you were to meet me a few years ago, I wouldn’t be setting my gaze toward my future. I was content with taking tiny steps toward my goals, and in many ways, I had gotten into the habit of playing things small.

I dimmed my light so I wouldn’t make others uncomfortable. I got used to changing the narrative of my life’s script depending on who I was talking to.

If I thought describing my successes would make someone view me differently or highlight their insecurities, I wouldn’t talk about my progress.

I’ve grown a lot in the last few years, but I still sometimes monitor how I show up in front of certain people. And I’ve certainly dealt with people who didn’t and still don’t want to see me succeed.

They would prefer I stay where I am. They don’t want me to pursue my dreams.

But it would be a disservice to myself and the world if I dim my light, even in passing moments, because it will make someone else feel more comfortable.

We weren’t born to play our lives or ourselves small.

We came here to grow and evolve into our highest selves. Our highest self stands grounded in truth no matter what the circumstances may be.

And if someone feels insecure, jealous, or threatened by that, then quite frankly it’s not your problem and that person isn’t your person.

The people who are cheering you on, who want to hear about your dreams and achievements, and support you during both your failures and successes are the people you want in your corner.

They are comfortable in their skin and don’t need you to validate their worth, so they’re happy to stand by you no matter what.

As you dream big and chase goals that will take you to new and brighter places, remember that your light is within you for a reason. It’s there so you can shine and welcome others to do the same. Your light is a unique flame that only you can emit.

So, emit it. Shine bright. If someone is blinded by your glow, they aren’t meant for you anyway.


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