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The Magic in Every Moment

Do you believe in magic? 

(No, this isn't the beginning lyrics to The Lovin' Spoonful's song).

Do you really believe in magic? Not the magician's card trick, pulling a dove out of a hat, making someone disappear kind of magic, but the magic in a moment. The magic in a choice.

We are presented with literally thousands of choices every single day. From the smallest, seemingly most mindless ones, like if we prefer white to raw sugar in our coffees to the bigger, more meaningful ones, like how we are going to talk to our partner about something important to us.

From the most minute decisions to the grandest of ones, within each second that we make up our minds about something, we are in fact, in the process of creation. We are instilling power into every moment of our lives when we choose to think, say or do something.

We are, by nature, extremely capable and mighty beings. Somewhere along the way, we just forgot our own truth. 

If this seems a bit fantastical to you, like I'm insinuating that there's an "S" symbol underneath your button down shirt or that by day you are a 9-5er and by night, you wreak havoc on your city's villains, then it might be in your best interest to go watch the latest Avengers movie. (I still need to go see it!)

What I'm saying is that we are beautiful beings born with senses that make this life experience one of true creation. Life does not happen to us, it is happening for us, and how we choose to respond to what life is offering us is what makes our, unique journey different from everyone else's.

Let me give you an example.

I wake up around 7am most mornings to write. When I sit at my desk, I look out the window and internally create a space of insight, imagination, connection, and rhythm. I honor this early morning space as a means of bringing forth my dreams into reality. I choose to see this daily practice as getting me closer to a published book and a way for me to reach more and more people. 

When I have to lug myself out the door, into my car and to the gym, I remember when I am running on the treadmill or lifting weights that my body is healthy, strong and capable. I choose to feel blessed to have a body that can handle intense workouts.

I work as a director of an alternative high school and often find myself playing many different roles: boss, teacher, therapist, and counselor. On days where I have a pile of papers on my desk to take care of and my door is flooded with students needing my attention, instead of choosing frustration, I become present to the person standing before me and I practice real listening. This is an opportunity for me to help shift someone's day into a more positive direction; this is a chance for me to connect to another soul who is seeking out my support and guidance.

When I get home at night and I'm so tired that I just want to pass out, I remember to take a few moments to reflect on all that happened throughout my day - every encounter, each experience - and feel love for all of it. I thank the universe for bringing me all that greeted me during my day and think about how I can better direct my waking hours tomorrow. 

There is always a choice we have on how we will live our lives. We can merely exist throughout our days or we can actually live - live with purpose, intent, thoughtfulness, and gratitude. 

You have a choice in every single moment.

How will I respond to this?

What words will I put out into the world?

How can I connect with those around me?

What am I grateful for?

The difference between living an ordinary life and a meaningful one is up to your perspective and the artful way you choose to live your life.

Your chosen art form?

That, my dear, can be called magic.


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