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The Sunday Club Newsletter: What I Love Most

Every week, when I'm writing the Sunday Club email, I think of what I would want to hear if I was on a mailing list like this.

What would get me out of my lackluster mindset and inspire me to reach for higher, more supportive thoughts?

What would not only make me feel motivated for a new week, but actually get me excited to wake up in the morning?

This past Thursday I wrote an Instagram post on how it's so normal for us to talk about worry, fear, doubt, judgment, and the things that we don't like about ourselves and our lives. We tend to focus on what isn't working, the physical features we wish weren't ours, and the aspects of other people we disagree with. 

Why is it the norm to think and speak about the negative? Why isn't it our inclination to breathe and live all that we love? 

For this Sunday Club email, I'd like for you to read the following and then take some time to sit by yourself in a quiet, peaceful space, focus on your breath, and write down a list of all that you love. Everything that fills your days, your heart, your soul, and your body with what feels right and good.

(My current favorite song to relax and write to is "Any Other  Name" by Thomas Newman. Try it out. I bet you find that creativity rolls off your skin while listening).

I love seeing fresh dew on balmy, summer grass on a warm June morning.

I love waking up in the dark middle of the night to realize I still have hours of sleep to enjoy before waking.

I love the tight bud of a peony before blossoming; the way nature teaches me unfoldment.

I love hot water hitting the base of my bare neck and back; how it cleanses and awakens me in the early morning hours.

I love the smell of rain during a thunderstorm and the loud crackling of lightening firing up the sky.

I love warm sand cloaking my feet.

I love catching a strangers' eye and not shying away from gazing into their irises.

I love long drives with windows down, sunroof open, warm rays peering in from above and my favorite song playing in the background.

I love when I get so lost in a book that I forget my own world for a little while.

I love seeing simple acts of kindness.

I love falling in love.

What do you love?

How does it feel when you focus on that which you enjoy?

How can thinking, writing and speaking all that makes you feel good change your inner and outer worlds?

It's so easy, my dear, to forget we have a choice. 

It's so easy to seek out the roughness.

Choose to use your body as a vessel to take in all that is rich in love and to pour out only that which makes this world a better place.


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