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Walk Forward With Flowers in Your Hands

When I was in elementary school, I would bask in the first signs of spring - a freshly born flower, budding greens, warmer breezes, and lengthy days. I remember walking to school just a few blocks from my house and getting distracted by the cherry blossoms, magnolias and crabapples delighting in their renewal. What should have been a ten minute walk took me twenty, as I'd lean down to smell tulips on neighboring lawns or stand gazing at traveling clouds in the sky.

To this day, I'm still enamored with spring. I love sleeping with windows cracked open so morning sunlight inches into my bedroom and music from birds nests meets my ears. I breathe in the dewey grass and smile at the gift of life - another day awaits me.

Spring is enchantment, inspiration and sweet paradise. Trees in bloom remind me that I too can be born again. I too am coming out of hibernation and into efflorescence. Life always comes full circle, and it's time to recreate myself.

What will this season bring?

Who do I want to be?

What dreams are visiting me?

Where must I grow?

How can I flourish?

As I pursue big goals, like self-publishing a collection of poetry and prose, I feel drawn to work every minute of the day and not waste any time. Spring reminds me to breathe and enjoy a moment for its presence. It teaches me that there's more to life than accomplishing goals and chasing large dreams. Spring unraveling in its splendor imparts that it's okay to take my time.

Nature is one of our greatest teachers; its lessons are abundant and free. When I pressure myself to be further than where I am and compare myself to others, I remember the girl who took twenty minutes to walk three blocks to school, just because she enjoyed the scenery.

What if we did that with our daily doings? What if we didn't take the shorter route and chose the longer, scenic trail instead? What if we enjoyed the journey to our destination while smelling redbuds along the way, because we knew regardless of timelines, we'd get to where we want to be?

This time of year is not only my favorite for its exquisite colors and lively displays, but for the simple reminder that we're always in bloom. We're always in the process of becoming.

If we're forever reaching toward the sky and transforming into something new, wouldn't it make sense to bathe in beauty along the way?

This is your reminder, if you should need one, to stop looking toward the future when there's buzzing life around you waiting to be noticed.

You're going to journey regardless.

Journey in grace. Journey in love. Journey in presence.

Walk forward with flowers in your hands and your gaze set upon the prospering life surrounding you.



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