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Want to Join a Mastermind?

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

I started a mini mastermind at the beginning of this year called "A Night for Dreamers" with a group of seven women who wanted to be part of a supportive, motivational and inspiring environment where we set out to get closer to our dreams.

During our first meeting, we all spoke about our goals and the accomplishments we want to achieve but haven't yet gotten around to. Some of those goals included being our own boss, getting healthier and more fit, increasing our income, finding our dream job, publishing a book, moving out of state, and finishing college.

Each month when we meet, we set a goal that we try to accomplish within the next four weeks before we meet again. Basically, we have one big goal that we set, and then we break that goal into smaller, more manageable steps each month, so the goal itself doesn't seem too burdensome to tackle.

Some months we meet our goals, others we don't; sometimes we discover new goals along the way and other times we realize that what we thought we wanted to achieve isn't actually what we need.

The beauty of being part of this special space is that we all look to this group as a place where we can simply be ourselves and share the truth of our journeys as we live each day in the pursuit of something more.

I'm immensely grateful to be part of such an uplifting and encouraging counsel of women who always remind me that we're fully equipped to achieve what we set our hearts out to do. We also recognize that it's okay if we don't reach our goals as fast as we want to - this group is about the journey, not the end result.

Whether we accomplish the dreams we set in January by the end of this year or not, we've created a unified, lasting connection by allowing ourselves to be both vulnerable and brave. It's so freeing to realize that we don't need to have "it all figured out" to get to where we want to be. We just have to be willing to show up for ourselves, and each other, and to take small steps each day in the pursuit of our dreams.

I'm in the process of creating a similar group to be launched in January of 2020. Email me if you’re interested!

Be brave enough to believe in yourself and your dreams.


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