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What I Learned from Launch Week!

As most of you know, I launched a merch shop! It's been a magical launch as I get to see my vision come to life.

It's such a fun process to imagine something in your mind, create it on your laptop, and then hold a tangible product in your hands. I'm honoring this moment of creation because it's easy to get swept away in the question, What's next?

So, for now, I will share a few things that I learned from launch week and how I can use these lessons in both my personal life and business ventures.

By the way, a BIG thank you to everyone who sent loving and kind words my way for the shop's opening. And thank you for all your orders! I am so grateful for you and your support.

1. Have realistic expectations.

This is a big one! And a funny one too - at least for me. My shop launched at midnight on Tuesday and when I went to sleep, I imagined waking up to a lot of purchase order emails. I envisioned myself opening my eyes, reaching for my phone on my nightstand, and scrolling through numerous orders before I started promoting the shop on Instagram.

When I didn't see what I dreamt of, my ego popped up and said, See, I told you! You don't know what you're doing! I felt a pang of fear, but then took a deep breath, made coffee, and sat down at my desk to work. It took a few moments to realize that the expectation to have a ton of orders before 9 am wasn't realistic. It was also only my first day selling a brand new product!

I laughed at myself, but also learned a valuable lesson. When you start any new venture it's easy to get swept away in the dream of the fruits your labors will reap, but you have to bring your expectations back down to earth if you're going to brace the realities of beginning a new business.

It's amazing to have large goals, but when you try something completely new don't be dismayed by early onset challenges. Challenges will arise, and that's where you get to do the work of not only overcoming those hurdles but training your mind to believe that you can handle anything.

As the day progressed, the orders started coming in during the afternoon and gained traction at night. So, take a deep breath. Trust the instincts that sparked your new venture, and honor yourself for taking a step forward. Most people don't take a step at all. Be proud of yourself for believing in your dreams.

2. Time is going to pass so do what sets your soul on fire.

I love to create - if you haven't noticed. Some people ask me how I have the time to do everything with my blog while working full-time. It's not even a matter of making time for my creativity anymore; it's something I revolve my schedule around. I get so much joy out of writing blog posts, scheduling social media content, and designing new things that it doesn't feel like work. Well, sometimes it does, but it fills my cup more than anything else these days, so I spend as much time as I can creating.

This week was special for me not only because I launched an e-commerce store - something I wouldn't have imagined doing back in January - but because I took an idea, mapped it out, designed it, and birthed it to life. I started working on my shop back in June, so it's been a few months in the making. I could have let the idea remain an idea and never act on it. It would have been a lot easier that way. But I trusted the vision. I took small steps each day. And before I knew it, here I am, with a merch shop for my blog.

Time is going to pass no matter what. If you get started on a dream or vision today, then you're going to get closer to it every time you put effort into it. If you don't start at all, you'll remain where you are.

Don't worry about being too old, too lazy, too tired, or too busy to get started. We all battle these thoughts. Just begin and see where you can end up if you follow your excitement. Your excitement is your purpose. Your purpose is what creates a meaningful and rewarding life.

3. Get out of your head and sink into your heart.

I spend a lot of time in my head. I'm aware of my self-conscious and over analyzing tendencies so I'm learning when to reel them in rather then get swept out to sea by them. It's important to recognize when you're living from your fears, ego or mind rather than your heart. Your heart is what grounds you in your truth. Your heart helps you see the bigger picture of your life. Your heart is your key to understanding yourself.

It was easy to be in my mind this week as I was afraid of "failing" or not making a single sale. But the moment I shifted my attention to my breath and sunk into my heart center was the moment my fears dissipated. It was the moment I remembered there is always a loving perspective for everything in my life.

I just have to sink into my heart to see things from this light.

If you haven't checked out my merch shop and want to see what I've created, click here to shop sweaters, joggers, hats, and mugs! Also, please let me know what you think of the shop's layout and products by replying to this post. I'd love to hear from you!


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