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You Are Where You Once Hoped You'd Be

I remember a time when

I craved this moment.

Not only craved,

but a deep belly howl,

reaching, barking, gasping

for the life that is now mine.

Long, dark and lonely nights

lying in bed

staring at the ceiling

imagining what my life

would look like

in years to come.

Would I be happier than

I was in that moment?

Would I find love?

Would love find me?

Would I ever be held

in such high regards

as she was?

Would someone ever

really see me?

Do I see me?

Looking back, I still see

that girl who wanted so badly

to be loved.

A girl whose dreams

kept her awake at night

and then lulled her into

a sweet, soft sleep.

Time passes,

life goes on,

we continue marching


sometimes awakened

most times asleep,

and when we finally wake

we realize we have become

who we once hoped

we would be,

and yet we don't see the growth,

the first steps taken,

the pain we've endured,

the years that have

flashed before our eyes

like the swift turning

of a kaleidoscope,

shapes and colors



all is always changing.

What if you could see,

my dear,

that you are the result

of all your former


You, my love,

have already become

what you had always dreamed

of becoming.

Please remember,

the child,

the infant,

the young boy or girl

who if seeing you now,

would be elated,




to know that some day

all of their desires

birthed into life

like a crying baby

within us,

will one day see

the light,

will one day become the light.

Don't stay in your darkness

too long

so that you can't see

your own radiance.

Your own beauty.

Your own growth.

Please remember,

how far you've come

and how far you'll

inevitably go.

Don't forget to remember

you are where you once

hoped you'd be.


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