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This Time Around

What were you hoping for this time?

An old piece of me

sitting on a shelf,

not yet dusted?




Was this what you were hoping for?

If I'm being honest,

I wish I still felt

that way sometimes.

Then maybe this could work.

Maybe this wouldn't be

so hard.


always complicated,

never full to the brim,

rarely overflowing,

hardly enough.

I always try to make it enough.

I always try to see the man

you could be.

The man I need you to be.

The man you try to be.

Trying isn't being,

and to become something

you're not

rarely happens within a year

or a lifetime.

Why then,

do I keep wishing?

Why then,

do you keep trying?

Someone once told me:

You want a man

who loves you more

than you love him.

I loved you more.

I always did.

Even now,

with time passing,

seasons changing,

the wind warmer,

days longer,

there still remains

one constant.

You never loved yourself


to love me.

You never loved me



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